Nice (Spring Break, part 1: March 19 & 20)

Last week while most of my friends were going to Destin or Costa Rica, I was a lucky girl who got to spend her Spring Break in the South of France, Paris & London !!

The road to Nice was long. My roommate and I got up at 5:30 to catch a bus from campus to the airport to catch our 8:20 flight on time. We planed a early flight so we would have the full day in Nice. That didn’t work out. The plane boarded late & one we were all seating the informed us the plane was having technical difficulties & we would have to wait on another plane to come in and switch. I am TERRIFIED of flying so after I heard the words “technical difficulties” I freaked. THREE HOURS laters we were on a different plane and on our way to Nice. I was not Ryanair’s biggest fan that day! Once we got to Nice we realized we had no plans. We hadn’t thought about what we wanted to do once we got there, we hadn’t even thought of where we would sleep! (Sorry Mama, don’t stress out…it all worked out!)

We realized that we were a good 3 miles from the inner city so we started walking. The city of Nice was beautiful, especially once I got to see the beach! The water was so blue & there were rocks reaching out into the water. It looked like it was taken straight from The Little Mermaid! We took in plenty of the beach & sun. Feeling warmth on my face isn’t exactly something I’m used too! After a long trek we came to a hostel and paid for a 4 bed room. They informed us one of the beds was already taken, but I was not prepared for what I walked into! A tiny French man opened the door…in his underwear! It caught Kath & I completely off guard, and I think it did him too. I’m sure sharing a room with 2 girls was not ideal for him, especially when we noticed he had taken up all 4 beds with his clothes. We didn’t try to strike conversation, we just freshened up and went back out for the night. This is were the night got fun! I got to see a black & white movie in Spanish with French subtitles. I had no clue what was being said the whole 2 hours, but I loved it!!

Day 2: We thought it would be a once in a lifetime chance to see the sunrise over the Mediterranean, so we woke up at 5:30 to do just that. Our plan was foiled when we walked outside and it was raining…We still made the walk to the beach though. Sitting alone one the beach while the city was still dark and listening to the waves wash over the rocks was exactly what I needed to cheer up. The long day I had yesterday & the creepy Frenchman sleeping across the room had made me a little homesick. That morning sitting in solitude gave me time to sit and trust in God’s plan. I know I’m in His hands, even in a foreign country He still won’t let me go. So, after that sentimental moment we went back to the room and slept since we still had it for 2 hours. When we woke up we got tea (the hot kind, not the cold sweet kind that I actually like) and croissants. Cheap & French! Then we walked to a free Art Museum across town. The museum was great! I think I liked the building the art was in more so than the art.

After the museum our time in Nice was done and we caught a bus to the airport to head to PARIS!

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