London (Spring Break part 2: March 21 & 24)


After having a little trouble with customs in Paris I made it to London. They seemed to think it was odd I was going to London for 3 days with only 10 euro and no destination. Oh well…

The Euro Star was an experience in itself, and once I was at the train station it wasn’t hard to spot Lauren! A blonde in London!

Then the fun really began. Lauren wasted no time making sure I saw the ENTIRE city! Let me just lost them off:

Sky Bar
Westminster Abbey
Big Ben & Parliament
London Eye
10 Downing Street- Home of the Prime Minister
Buckingham Palace
Trafalger Square
Leicester Square
Hyde Park
Kensington Park
Kensington Palace: Will & Kate’s house
Victoria Apollo Theatre to see Wicked!
Then back to…
Big Ben
London Eye
Leicester Square

Needless to say I was completely exhausted by the end of that day! I can’t even name a favorite part, I loved it all!! The experience of a lifetime was definitely getting to see Wicked. I bought the tickets about a month ago to take Lauren for her birthday. It was my first experience of Broadway, and it was everything I dreamed. I thought I would be too exhausted to stay awake and watch it since I had been up since 4 a.m., but I was mesmerized.


Soitalfields Market
Borough market
Ride the London Eye
Camden Town Market
NottingHill and Portobello Road Market
Platform 9 3/4
Tower Bridge
Tower of London

Today was special because 1. I ate the best grilled cheese EVER! 2. I rode the London Eye. I was discoursed when I woke up sick, but I didn’t let it slow me down. I just popped in some Advil & Vitamin C! I loved browsing through all the markets & sampling food. I got to ride the London Eye, at first I was bummed because it was overcast and snowing (it snowed all weekend), but it was BEAUTIFUL seeing London from that view with snow falling on it.


Brick Lane
24 hour bagel place

As you can see it was a fun field weekend & I loved every minute of it with my best friend. It was the perfect home sick remedy! I can officially say I have mastered riding the tube, since I rode it over 100 times in the period of 3 days! Lauren definitely planned the best weekend for me. When we weren’t touring or out adventuring, we were laying in bed watching movies or talking about One Direction. It felt like home!


February 16, 2013 Howth

Lauren’s one request was to see the country side or coast of Ireland, so off to Howth we went! It is a beautiful fishing village about 30 minutes outside of Dublin. We took the bus out of Dublin at noon and spent all day hiking and trying to stay warm. We even got to enjoy some fresh fish and chips on the coast. It was the perfect day with my best friend!

Seeing the coast definitely took my breath away, pictures do not do it justice!

IMG_3326IMG_3349 IMG_3335 IMG_3332 IMG_3316

Best Friend Arrival!

There is no better cure for homesickness than seeing your best friend. The road was tough, and I thought she may have gotten on the wrong bus but she finally made it at 9:00 this morning! I can’t wait to spend the rest of the weekend showing my best friend off in my favorite city!

Reunited & it feels so good!