London Round 2: March 29-31

I was lucky enough to get a second trip to London, FOR FREEEE!

We got put up in an extremely nice hotel, where I took full advantage of the bathtub. We got there around 11:00 pm on Friday night and found our way to the hotel using the tube (I only got turned around once)! It was already late so we ordered a pizza & stayed in for the night. I think I took an hour long bubble bath, refusing to get out!

Saturday we had a walking tour lined up. We got to see Parliament & hear Big Ben strike before we began our tour of Westminster Abbey. It was beautiful, it holds centuries worth of history that would have taken me days to see it all. Mostly I couldn’t believe I was standing in the same place the Queen was inaugurated and Princess Kate said “I do”. An interesting fact is that I always thought my last name was German, but while walking through the church I found the Barnes family crest. Just chalk that up to another reason why I love London!
We continued our tour by seeing Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, & 10 Downing Street. Then we hopped on a boat and road down the river to Tower Hill. There was so much to see at the Tower of London that we didn’t get to see it all! However, we did get to see the best part…the crown jewels! They were extravagant. I think it was around 5:00 and all of us were worn out! We hailed a taxi back to our hotel and I took a lonnng nap. I woke up to go out to dinner just in time to hear the fire alarm going off and the building being evacuated. I felt like I was back in UCF & needed to meet the police with the master key(RA humor). When we got back from supper hankfully our hotel was still there!


EASTER SUNDAY-This was a day like no other. It was hard to be away from family on this day, nothing was traditional! I’m used to waking up at 6:00 & rushing to my Easter basket then going to sunrise service with my family in my small town church. Instead, I slept til noon, there was no basket, I went to a 12:15 mass with 2,000 other people where I knew no one. It was also my first time going to a Catholic mass. Needless to say the poor boy sitting beside me got tired of all the questions pretty quickly! After church I usually spend time a nana’s taking a nap until I eat a home cooked meal. Instead, I walked for an hour to eat Chipotle. Don’t worry, it gets even sadder. After lunch we usually have a big Easter egg hunt & spend the rest of the day together. Instead, I got lost in London & spent my night in an airport full of strangers. The highlight of my day was Skyping my family for 20 minutes. It definitely wasn’t the ideal Easter, Mama made it very clear that it would be the last holiday I spent so far away!

Even after the dreadful day London is still one of my favorite cities. I would never get tired of it!



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