Celtic Tour: April 6

Today we got a tour of Old Ireland. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Most of our day consisted of grave sites & churches, so now when I think of Ireland that is all I can think of.

We went to Fourknocks first. It was a big mound of grass with a tomb under it. It had passages leading to the North, East & South. After being creeped out by practical jokes I didn’t want to stay much longer. Or next visit was to a cemetery where I saw 500 more Celtic Crosses. One of my new favorite hobbies is trying to depict the meanings on each one.

Next came my favorite part of the day. We went to Hill of Slane & Hill of Tara, which is where St. Patrick first brought Christianity to Ireland. It’s an amazing legend that you should look up if you have the time! Both places were beautiful especially since the sun was shining. At Hill of Slane there was a graveyard with castle ruins beside it. What do all the Americans do? Climb the castle. We were there for at least an hour attempting to find new and higher places to climb. I think mostly we were trying to get as high as possible to bask in the sun. At Hill of Tara one in the group was cursed. It was said if you steal a stone from the  tomb at Fourknock or walk through the entry at Tara you would grow horns & a tail. Megan did both, surprisingly she woke up without horns or a tail the next morning.

We ended the day with ice cream, cream soda & a bumpy bus ride home!


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