Lesson Learned (Feb 26)

Today I learned two very important lessons: Do your laundry before you run out of clothes & don’t cook with multiple eyes on high.

I am going to Italy Friday and I thought I may need some clean clothes for the trip, so I gathered up all my clothes. I realized the pants that I was currently wearing could be washed so I changed into shorts and threw them in the pile. Our laundry room is in the basement of the building so the entire time I was loading the washer I was freezing in the 30 degree Irish cold! I ran back to my room to put on sweatpants and I realized they were in the wash, along with every other pants I own. The funny part is I refuse to pay for the dryer so finding something warm to wear tomorrow will be challenging! 

My next task for the day was to cook more than a pb&j. So I decided spaghetti would be a good idea. I began to cook the meat, boil the pasta and heat the sauce. Almost immediately I lost all power in the room. Apparently you can have more than one eye on high or the circuit will blow. After sitting in the dark for 45 minutes security got the power back on and I finally got my well deserved meal. 

Today I realized I probably will not make a good homemaker since laundry and cooking didn’t end in my favor. Oh well, live and learn! 


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