Galway Weekend (Feb 22-24)

This weekend started at 2:00 on Friday afternoon. We loaded a bus to Galway, a long 4 hour bus ride. We mad a stop in Athenry along the way & got to try on some medieval suits of armor. This town is also well know for the song “Field of Athenry”, so if you get a chance look it up! When we made it to Galway we were put up in a nice hotel that was basically the Ritz compared to out dorm room beds. We were on our own for the night & got to experience the city. Galway is on the Atlantic coast and was absolutely gorgeous. If you have ever hear of the song Galway Girl (it’s in P.S. I Love You) it was all I could think about. It’s funny how my trips revolve around music here!

On Saturday our trip started at 9:00 after a quick breakfast, and by quick I mean I overslept and ate a croissant on the way out the door. We were on the bus most of the day on our way to Doolin. We made plenty of stops along the way to be entertained. We saw Kylemore Abbey & Kilary Sheep Farm. At the sheep farm we got to put on our rubber boots and experience real Irish farm life. There was the herding dog named Sweep who went to work right away. This was the most well trained dog I have ever seen. His master could have whispered a command from the top of a mountain and he would have obeyed! Maybe I should send him my dog Simba for a while! The farm was right on the Atlantic so we got to see the mountains meet the ocean. Besides the overcast skies it was beautiful! Of course while we were on the farm we got to see sheep and dig turf. We also stopped at a place call The Burren on our way. The Burren is one of the largest karst landscapes in Europe. I was speechless at the sight, especially when one of the girls  was almost swept off the rocks by the ocean. Luckily she’s fine, she was just drenched from head to toe by the freezing Atlantic water on a cold Irish day! Thankfully our next stop was our hotel in Doolin where we got to get supper and experience an Irish music festival!

Sunday was my favorite day of the trip. We  saw the beach, but most importantly we saw the cliffs. The Cliffs Of Moher. I was speechless at the sight. Pictures definitely cannot do it justice, and when I say it was breathtaking I mean it literally. Being on the edge of the cliffs looking down at the crashing water will definitely take your breath away. I think we stayed there for 2 hours taking in all in and I highly doubt we saw it all. The cliffs are HUGH! If you have ever seen Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The Princess Pride, or Leap Year you have seen the cliffs. (Three of my favorite movies I might add). At the end of the movie Leap Year a proposal happens on the cliffs. I made Mama and Daddy watch the movie with me before I left & Mama’s exact words were “Oh KK don’t go there, I know you too well. You’ll probably fall off!” So naturally the first thing I do is climb over the barrier to get to the edge and take a jumping pic! Sorry Mama! 🙂

By the time we got home last night I was exhausted! I guess traveling cross country on a bus can do that to a person! I was happy to get to skype most of my family though. I think the more I talk to them & tell them stories the more worried they become about me though! Bless their hearts, I’m still here for three months!


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