This was a long day since I have class 9:00-5:30, but it was all worth it at the end of the day when I got to see Chris Young!

My sister told me a few days earlier that he was coming to Dublin so I looked up tickets and found out they were only 20 euro. Naturally, my roommate & I bought them immediately! It was at a pub called Whelan’s, that is only a 20 minute walk from our dorm room.

I was counting down the minutes to see him, and when 8:30 finally rolled around and he walked on stage I almost fell out of my seat. There were four men, Bob DiPiero, Chris Young, Kristian Bush & Brett James. DePiero and James are 2 well known song writers who have written for King George Straight, Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw. Kristian is part of Sugarland, and of course Chris Young is CHRIS YOUNG!

They were here for the CMA Songwriters Series, which is touring the UK for 2 weeks. The set was the four of them on stage with a guitar singing and cutting up. It was by far the best 4 hours I’ve had in Dublin. Did I mention I was an inch from the stage and made direct eye contact with Chris at least 17 times? Ahhhhhh.

After the set ended they came off stage and stayed in the pub for a while. I got to meet each one of them & get a picture. I even carried on a conversation with Chris about being from Tennessee, then got a HUG. He loves me…..

I left the pub feeling a little homesick. All the country music, southern accents, and hearing “yall” almost broke my heart. It was a good way to celebrate being here for one month.

I also need to mention the Chris sounds even better & looks even better in person which I didn’t think was possible.

Bob, Chris, Kristian & Brett

Bob, Chris, Kristian & Brett

Chris Young slowly melting my heart

Chris Young slowly melting my heart

With Kathleen & Kristian from Sugarland

With Kathleen & Kristian from Sugarland

Hanging out with Chris

Hanging out with Chris


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