Tuesday February 5, 2013; Today I didn’t feel like doing anything.

My Tuesday was similar to Monday where I did not do much, so I thought I would talk about some unique things I’ve experienced here in Ireland.

1. The Irish use the word craic. A lot. Except it doesn’t have the same meaning as the American crack. Craic here means “fun”. So usual sayings are “Where’s the craic?” or “What’s the craic?”. This caught me completely off guard at first, especially the first time I was asked that question and just started blankly back at the poor girl. 

2. I have learned that people in this country are super friendly. Nearly every person you pass on the street will ask “Hi, how are you?” or “Hey what’s the craic?”. This has started up quite a few random conversations for me. Until a few days ago. I was told that here that is just a way to be friendly and keep walking, not get to know a person. No one really cares how you are doing or where the fun is. So, the friends I thought I have made more than likely were annoyed by me. 

3. Dublin does not do street signs very well. I’m almost positive I haven’t even seen a street sign since I’ve been here.  If you want to get anywhere you name a landmark, not the address. For instance, when I take a taxi I can’t say South Circular Road. I have to say Leonard’s Corner (Which is a pub at the end of the block). Ironically must landmarks used here are pubs. 

4. YOU HAVE TO BAG FOR PLASTIC BAGS! If I want to go grocery shopping I have to take my own bags or pay €0.33, which is almost 50 cents in US dollar amount. CRAZY! Of course there is always the option of forgetting your cloth bag and being too stubborn to pay for a plastic one, so you have to do a nice little quick step walk and juggle what you bought for a 1.5 mile walk. I already been seen doing this a few times! 

5. If you ask where the bathroom is here, people will laugh at you. Apparently here you have to ask specifically for a toilet. 

6. The sun never shines. Ever. Even on the rare occasion it has, the sun never warms you up. It’s almost as if God took away the heat lamp and teases us with a flashlight every now and then.

I’m sure you think I am making something out of nothing with these tiny little differences, but let me tell ya, they matter! There is most likely more things I am doing wrong & getting laughed at for, but no one has brought it to my attention yet. When they do, I’ll be sure to let you know!


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