Superbowl Sunday (Feb 3)

Today I had the experience of a lifetime. The Superbowl, in another country!

Surprisingly it is a HUGE deal here! Griffith, the university I am attending, got tickets for all the Americans to go to a pub call Harry’s On The Green together. Granted, we had to stay up until around 4 a.m. to see the game here, but it was worth it!

We had a booth rented out and it didn’t take long for the whole place to figure out we were Americans. Mostly because we all shouted the National Anthem together. At that point everyone wanted to talk to us. It’s funny because the Irish get so into the game here but at moments they would have to pause to ask what was going on. They claim the game is too fast paced!

I was one of maybe 4 people rooting for the Ravens in the place. I had absolutely no real reason to cheer for the Ravens but I had to stick to my guns & keep the competition flowing!

The place was packed, but as the night went on I don’t think there was a single stranger in the place! Definitely the experience of a lifetime!

Fun fact: I also met Will Yeatman last night. For all you Dolphin fans out there, be jealous!

*pictures to follow


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