Travels, Tea & Torrential Downpours

I had a warm cup of tea for the first time today!

I hated it…. It is nothing compared to a cold glass of Nana’s sweet tea!

Also experienced a little sunshine, wind, rain & hail. All within a 30 minute span.

Welcome to Ireland!

The most exciting part of my day was planning trips for the next few months! It also is the reason I have had a headache all day! So far I have 3 weekends trips around Ireland planned. One to Wicklow & Glengalough, one to Cork & Carrick, and one to Galway!

I also planned a 5 day trip to Italy, March 1-5, stopping in Milan, Rome, Florence, Pisa, and experiencing a wine tasting in Tuscany! Last but not least I booked my flight to London to meet up & spend a few days with my best friend, Lauren, who happens to be studying there!

I’m sure there are plenty more trips to plan, but that is all my brain & bank account could handle for one day!


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